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The Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (ΟΤΕ S.A.) is the largest telecommunications provider in Greece and constitutes αlong with its subsidiaries one of the leading Telecommunications Groups. Moreover, the ΟΤΕ Group is, according to capitalization, one of the five largest companies in the Athens Stock Market while the OTE shares are negotiated in the international Stock Markets of New York and London. Through extensive products and services in the fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and data services, the OTE Group provides, both corporate and domestic users, with the ability to communicate internationally via its extensive technological infrastructure.
The Company "Information for All S.A" with the distinctive title INFOTE is a company of knowledge, collection, production and management of any kind of information. The Company objective is to advertise and inform about the products and services of businesses/professionals as well as updating the customers with the aim to cover their needs.
COSMOTE is the leading mobile operator in Greece despite entering the market five years later than its two competitors. A pioneer and market leader on all fronts, COSMOTE has over 4.5 million customers in Greece and over 7.9 million customers in S.E. Europe. Being the operator with the widest presence in the region, COSMOTE -apart from Greece- successfully operates in Bulgaria, Albania & FYROM through GloBul, AMC and COSMOFON, respectively, while its subsidiary in Romania, COSMOTE Romania, recently launched commercial operations. COSMOTE played a prominent role in the success of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, as a Grand National Sponsor of the event. In June 2004, the company exclusively launched i-mode® services in Greece, while intends to gradually launch i-mode services in all countries of its operations. COSMOTE shares trade in the Athens and London Stock Exchanges. www.cosmote.gr
OTE ESTATE has been recently established with the main goal to manage and develop OTE's real estate assets.
The company activities will range from the implementation of OTE GROUP's housing policy up to the construction, development, exploitation, management and relevant technical or commercial activity concerning real estate assets of any kind and use whether they are owned by OTE or not, in Greece or abroad.
A solution will be sought in the Group's own interests, with respect to three existing OTE Group subsidiaries, namely OTE Exchange, OTE Insurance and OTE Leasing, whose object does not fall under the main activities of a telecommunications organization, while, at the same time, aiming at revealing their surplus value (liquidation for OTE Exchange, merger with third parties for OTE Insurance and merger following public offering of shares at the Athens Stock Exchange for OTE Leasing).
OTEnet OTEnet
ΟΤΕnet S.A. (www.otenet.gr), a product and Internet services provider, was established in 1996, after an initiative of the Hellenic Organization of Telecommunications and is the capstone of its business strategy in the area of new technologies.
ΟΤΕnet offers home users and enterprises, access services to the Internet, data and voice IP-based telecommunications services, as well as IT applications and Internet based hosting services. The constant investments in networking infrastructure, the development of new products and services covering the needs of modern businesses and home subscribers, the excellent customer support and the flexible organizational scheme are the main characteristics, establishing OTEnet as a leader in the Internet field. Today, all its clients have at their disposal the quality, reliability, speed and consistency of the largest Internet Services Provider in our country.
OTESAT Maritel OTESAT-Maritel
OTESAT-Maritel is a member of the OTE Group of Companies, and provides Inmarsat satellite communication services worldwide, both on land and at sea, as well as integrated telecommunication solutions to the Hellenic and international maritime industry.
OTEplus OTEplus
OTEplus is a Greek leading consulting firm, uniquely combining technology and business consulting expertise primarily in the sectors of Information and Communications Technologies.Through our profound knowledge, extensive experience and network of business partners we help our Clients accomplish their most challenging and complex aspirations.
OTEGlobe OTEGlobe
OTEGlobe – a wholly owned subsidiary of OTE- is an internationally active telecommunications service provider covering the specialised needs of telecommunication companies and multinational corporations. It offers a wide range of integrated, international voice, capacity and Data/IP services as well as high quality value added services based on state of the technology, worldwide.
OTE Academy OTE Academy  
OTE Academy, the new member of the OTE Group, offers high education to executives and professionals, aiming at the increase of productivity and output, improvement of quality and reduction of cost, in the current globalized environment.
Hellas Sat HELLAS Sat
HELLAS SAT is the owner and a wholesaler of capacity and services of the Hellas-Sat 2 satellite which was launched successfully in May 2003.HELLAS SAT value combines high quality services at affordable prices, with professional business practices and dedication to customers needs.
HELLAS SAT provides a number of different services to public and private sectors within the coverage region. These services include video and audio broadcast, cable TV feeds, DTH and data; VSAT networks, IP backbone connectivity; direct internet access content distribution networks, business television and video distribution and subscription-based news distribution, distance learning; telemedicine; and telephony.
CosmoONE CosmoONE
CosmoONE is the leader of B2B E-Commerce sector in Greece, offering since 2001 fully integrated and highly personalized e-services. The company is offering solutions (Quest, Negotiation, Dealing, Reporting and Transaction) that achieve lower costs associated with organisations' procurement or buying procedures. The company shows a dynamic growth in the Greek market and it is worth noticing that at the period 2001-2004 it has successfully conducted transactions worth in excess of €1 billion.
OTE International OTE International
As part of its international investment strategy, OTE Group has acquired shares in telecom companies mainly in the area of South-East Europe. More specifically, OTE has acquired shares in Telecom Serbia (20%), in ArmenTel, Armenia (90%), and in Romtelecom, Romania (54%).
OTE is also present in the mobile telephony market of Bulgaria through GloBul and in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia through Cosmofon. OTE subsidiary, COSMOTE, acquired recently both Globul and Cosmofon, while it also owns 85% and manages the mobile telephony company AMC (Albania). Moreover, at the end of June 2005, COSMOTE's Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting approved COSMOTE's participation in the share capital of the Romanian mobile operator, CosmoRom, with a 70% stake, while RomTelecom retains a 30% stake.
To implement the above, in November 2000 the OTE Group established a subsidiary, OTE International Investments, to monitor its investments abroad. The new company's goals are: to design, propose and monitor acquisitions of shares in telecommunications organizations, companies and aligned investment projects; to promote the Group's products, as well as those of the Group's subsidiaries abroad, at a strategic level.
The company is addressing a market of 60 million people and, by achieving synergies and high returns, it aims to offer added value both to its shareholders and customers.
ΟΤΕ- Insurance OTE-Insurance
OTE-Insurance Agency S.A is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE S.A.). Company's objective is to mediate for the creation of contracts of all sectors that cover insurance needs on commission. For the achievement of this aim it prepares, proposes, subscribes, and contributes in the creation of insurance policies while it provides to the client any essential assistance in case of any accident, damage or loss. OTE-Insurance Agency S.A collaborates with the biggest Greek insurance companies, as well as, with international Brokers that operate in Greece. Moreover, the company provides insurance services in the following sectors: Property insurance (against all risk), Transports, Liability, Group Employee, Fire, Car, Personal Accident, Ships - Pleasure Boats and Engineering insurance.
Hellascom Hellascom
HELLASCOM Intl was set up in 1995. Its main objective is to implement telecom infrastructure projects (installation and operation of digital networks, mobile telephony networks, cardphones etc.). The company has undertaken and successfully completed large-scale projects, both in Greece and abroad.

Το be established
Subsidiaries under establishment include those engaging in digital television, provision of integrated services to business customers and modernization of company networks (OTE Business).

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