Yellow Pages participates in «Earth Hour»

Just two days left before Earth Hour 2011 and more than 1/3 of municipalities in Greece have already registered, while more than 11,000 people are committed through the website

On Saturday on 20:30, thousands of Greek citizens will turn off their lights, proving that the Earth Hour 2011 is still a cause for action and awareness.
An opportunity that can work to benefit the planet, right after the Earth Hour. On Saturday at 21:31 the race against climate change will continue more intensively. Besides, this year Earth Hour invites us to commit for an action for the whole year and not only for 60 minutes.

Are you willing to participate helping the planet against its greatest threat? Yellow Pages always participates in actions that promote the social process and enhance team effort. Therefore will turn off the lights to all its buildings at that time. Enter now and support the effort with your participation in our webpages

Send our webpage to your friends and gather as much participations you can...

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