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Yellow Pages (www.xo.gr)
Greek Yellow Pages is constantly following the developments in e-commerce and adapt to your needs. On-line search engines today offer many benefits to the user, by making his search easier, and to businesses as well, by growing their customer base.
XO.gr is even richer in content and services, offering new functionalities with very useful information for everyone.

XO.gr offers:
• New design for easy access to each user
• New search engine helping the user to find any job category, product and service, quickly and easily and also ‘filter’ capability for the results, to match his/her searching needs
• Enhanced map service, which offers, both routing and address mapping with analytical route services
• Renewed advertising options for businesses and multiple, targeted ways to promote your business, depending on your needs
• Useful information and new features such as:
- the cheapest gas stations in Greece 
- address routing, whether you are using a car, boat, public transport etc. 
- service that shows you all the ferry itineraries 
-reverse business search, where, by entering the telephone number you can find any company you want 
- the new list of products and services that helps you find directly the brand and service of each company based on the product

Visit the new XO.gr and find whatever you want, simply and easily!

Why choose www. XO.gr for your advertising exposure?
www.xo.gr is a pure search engine for professionals and products. This means that the user which visits www.xo.gr is a potential customer, who is looking for information about businesses, products and services
www.xo.gr has high traffic, and it’s continuously upgraded, so to appear first in search engines.
• Provides different advertising capabilities, to meet all your needs

Business that advertise in www.XO.gr:
• Can easily be mapped by the customers that are interested in their business. Any business through the functionality "Near Me" appears on an interactive map, providing navigation instructions for each user
• Appear in www.XO.gr maps that have 100% coverage nationwide. The route directions that are provided to the customer are simply phrased and absolutely valid
• Through specially designed products, could be displayed on the homepage, and on the specific job category they operate in
• Will gain new customers, as the user is searching each business through
a) product or provided service
b) business name
c) company headquarters

www.xo.gr gives added value in your advertising display! Take advantage of XO.gr now and promote your business efficiently
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